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Just a word of warning. Do not waste your time with this firm if you are going through a nightmare in your personal life. They will make matters worse.

Unlike the last poster- I lucked out and interviewed other attorneys.

My issue: Scheduled appt with Wendy ( Krystal Clemens legal secretary ) . The office is 15 minutes away from my house. I left early, but after traffic and with my 2 year old in hand I ended up 6 minutes late for my appt.

I was told by the receptionist, a kid with many piercings and tatoos, that she had left for lunch. I mentioned I had an appt at 11:30 - he said you can wait until she is back..... I asked how long... 1:30. A 2 hour lunch?

I figured 6 minutes late - ok, my fault. I called to reschedule, Wendy never apologized for missing her appointment or leaving after 6 minutes, but scheduled an appointment for Krystal Clemmens the following Wednesday at 3:30. I thought it was strange behavior from what was supposed to be a professional law firm.

2 hours wasted.

One week passes and I decide to make sure I am plenty early. I arrive finding the waiting room packed with people. Confident, I approached the pasty and pierced boy and stated I had arrived for my appointment. He then asked me curtly, "did you get the messages we left you?" I replied, "What messages?". "Well", he replies, "we left you several messages, both yesterday and today mentioning Krystal would be stuck in court and couldn't make her appt w/ you.".

I asked the kid, how, if she was stuck in court today running late, would you have known that yesterday? I checked my cell in front of the unapologetic teen, and low and behold a new message appeared- he had just called minutes prior to my appointment and was lying about his diligence in leaving messages.

He was kind enough to offer Wendy to me again, if I was willing to sit and wait for her again, as she just took another prospect back in to talk. I said, sorry kid- fool me once, shame on you..... fool me twice, shame on me.

This is a revolving door, incredibly unprofessional organization, who's wheels will surely fall off soon. I would not trust them in any sense with regards to professionalism, competency, or reputation in court. Especially not in matters as serious as family law. I ran a stock brokerage in Newport Beach for 7 years. We never treated prospective clients or our clients this way- if we found an employee doing this, it would be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Great name for the firm, great idea to pay google adwords $50 a month to get high ranking on the search engine- great marketing and rhetoric on website... but unfortunately way short of the mark. Take my advice- hire an attorney who pretends to care about you- they are out there, even if you have to pay a little more.

Go to OC Bar Assc website and ask to be referred to an attorney. I give you this advice for free, hoping that you will spend the 4 hours I wasted with this firm on an attorney that will properly represent you.

PS- this is the first time I have ever posted something negative about a service I have solicited- I am that upset.

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This firm has NEVER had a receptionist or any employee named Wendy, or a male receptionist. The facts in this complaint are completely fabricated.

to RESPONSE Orange, California, United States #596999

enuf said- YOU ARE A FREAKING LIAR and you go through staff... you even are hiding your name, KRYSTAL because of the law suits against you... you are a FRAUD!

to URALIAR Los Angeles, California, United States #599696

Uraliar is Erich Keefer. Speaking of lawsuits they just lost a small claim suit that they brought for harassment because they falsified proof of service.

Now they face the real suits that they have brought upon themselves with these keyboard commando attacks on a legitimate law firm that they have conducted no business with.

How did Peter like getting served? You are next.

to URALIAR Lake Forest, California, United States #914519

Funny thing is...I am the employee that was named Windy.

You are right. This place was a joke...exact reason I left

to RESPONSE Torrance, California, United States #694186

are you jews?

to Anonymous El Cajon, California, United States #1267758

So you ran to Tennessee to escape the many many law suits against you, eh? LOL-- nothing on our end.

But you LOST ALL ability to ever have a law license again. Due to FRAUD!

Cedar Crest, New Mexico, United States #376160

I don't know what these people did wrong but my representation was exceptional. The attorney can only present the facts and Mr.

Cox did so, he knowledge of my situation, applicable law, and nuances of the courtroom procedure was nothing short of exceptional. I provided all of the information requested, his staff compiled and subpoenaed records we had one court appearance and everything was completed. I have been represented over the last 15 years in family law court, used three previous attorneys.

Based on a recommendation from a trusted business associates, I engaged Dadslaw of Orange County and the out come of his plan was the best ever. I highly recommend him and his firm.

to Mark Orange, California, United States #597004

Are you an employee or were you involved with Krystal? SHE IS A THIEF LIAR EMBEZZLER and she is a ***!

to An Employee Los Angeles, California, United States #602297

An Employee is not. It's Erich Keefer a pitiful little *** dude who is pissed because he finally tried to scam someone who knows how to deal with him and his "spouse". See ya in court boys.


I wish I would have seen this before.. Did you finish paying for your fees?

They are threating us with collections. Will it go on your credit report?


Check the State Bar. Krystal Clemens was disciplined twice.


This firm is trying to ruin my life!!!


This firm is god not waster your money or time with them. Jay Curtis Cox is a criminal with a criminal record and Krystal Clemons doesn't know her head from her foot. Their staff is very unprofessional and they only care about taking your money!!!



I just recently fired Dadslaw, they took 5 months of waiting for me to get a court date, all the while the retainer was being depleted. next when I met with Crystal for the initial meeting to hire her, that was the last time I have herd or seen Crystal till 3 days before the hearing.

Wendy (paralegal) was unprofessional and giving me wrong advice to my questions on how to deal with the baby momma drama. next, I called and asked a week before the hearing, am I going to be seen be Crystal or something before court? she then scheduled a meeting 3 days before court, I walked in feeling good, she asked me if I have any questions, I thought, wait a minute, your the lawyer, shouldnt you be telling me what Im in for here? i walked out feeling like ***.

ohh and by the way 3 days before court is when she opened my file. cause she was then inquiring about some stuff i had given her 4 months prior. during the hearing she looked as lost as i did. i came out paying $984 a month and paying for the mortage and utilities my ex is living in thats my condo.

then my case is being passed on to Curtis Cox, another attorney in thier firm. I did a background check on good ol Curtis, and yup, he has methadphedime charges, DUI's and his lisence has been suspended numerous times. I hired Crystal, i dont even know who is Curtis is. they pulled the ol bait and switch with me.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM DADLS LAW. after spending $ 4,000.00 they are still billing me for more *** cause i fired them. crooks crooks and *** them. :( :( on a side note, Tom Lycas is a good guy, but he is unaware of the deception of dads law that is being refered on the Tom Lycas show.


to Anthony #590329

The firm never had an employee named Wendy. Seems weird that you complain that YOU wanted an appointment and then are upset that someone would ask you if you have any questions before court after you requested an appointment.

Wouldn't it be the right thing to do to inquire of you if you had questions about court a few days ahead? Also, if you ran up a bill for more than you paid as a deposit doesn't it seem right that you would be billed? Attorneys dont work for flat fees, it's by the hour the same as you do.

Sounds like your mad because you dont want to pay your bill and are looking for a way out of it but being anonymous doesnt help with that. Just sayin

to Anthony Lake Forest, California, United States #914523

I'm the employee Windy and I apologize for whatever advice was given to you. I apologize for what was done to you there and this is the exact reason I left this company in January of 2010.


A terrible and unprofessional firm. Instead of settling, the attorney forced an innecessary court hearing to cash more than a grand.

Made mistakes regarding the time and venue of the court hearing. The attorney hardly ever answers your phone calls /emails.

The firm will charge you for anything, and they don't really care about the outcome.

Avoid at any cost!!!!!!!!

to Peter #590328

Peter - doesn't it require BOTH sides to settle, how would you know they forced the hearing. Perhaps the other side wouldnt agree

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