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Interviewed and retained this firm. Upon becoming a client, they lost my file and original documents. This should have RED FLAGGED me as to what was to come, but who knew they were unprofessional enough

NOT to show up for the court date as well.

When in court and without Attorney, the Judge allowed me to call their main office in Orange. I talked to Krystal Clemens, Owner of the firm and she said she did not know who I was or anything about a Court hearing. She told me if I gave her a credit card number right then, she would talk me thru the hearing, but I would have to pay in advance and even more if I wanted to go further.

I just want to warn everyone, DADSLAW is a rip off and not to be fooled by the banner of Fathers Rights these people sail under, their true colors are a skull and cross bones. I have retained a "real" attorney and am in litigation to recover my money.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #591795

This is another false complaint generated by Erich and Peter Keefer of SanDiego CA. They have engaged in this activity with others and have had five TROs filed against them in the past five years.

Feel free to check public records on them.

You may also find that they are about to go on trial for Identity theft and internet fraud in San Diego. The lawyers they are complaining about have been called to testify as to their activities and they are "Pissed" about that as they are looking at lengthy prison terms.

Sylvania, Georgia, United States #590332

The only reason a credit card would be taken over the phone is for payment of a consultation that was to be telephonic as mine was since Im out of state or because someone wanted to hire the firm but hadnt done it yet and was on the spot to do so. This complaint rings of an individual who doesnt understand the legal process, made an appointment for a consult and then didnt want to pay for it.

These facts sound like and are most likely completely false and this individual likely did not understand how retaining an attorney works. Since he chooses to be anonymous nothing about his complaint is verifiable.

Frequently people post things like this when asked to pay the bill thinking it will get them out of it.


I had a phone interview today with Krystal. Her staff was really rude to me too.

Didn't give it much thought until tonight. I was going to retain her services, but hearing that she missed court dates and other issues I see here......... Well let's just say there a a lot of family lawyers out there who don't have a web site for people to share issues....

Thank u to whoever started this site. Wish everyone would share positive experiences with other lawyers so us dads can know who to go too


Really sorry to hear this. These folks are some of the most unprofessional gang of kids I have ever witnessed. I escaped before I retained them once I found that they could not even hold an appointment not once but twice and gave no excuse for it.

If anyone should read this, call the Orange County Bar Assoc and ask them to refer you- they even have attorneys in your area who discount their fees if you are short on money but still need proper representation.


P.O. Client,

I'm an active duty Marine and have a similar situation with the Orange branch.

Any way you could send me an update with how money recovery went. Service members don't exactly have $5,300 to give away, nor do I have time to lose visiting my daughter.


hi P.O. Client,

Do you have a # for your "real" lawyer?

Thank you

to hawk Los Angeles, California, United States #591794

These are all fabricated complaints by Erich and Peter Keefer, who will shortly be on trial in San Diego for identity theft and Internet fraud. Feel free to contact the San Diego Superior Court to follow the progress of their trial and check the public records for restraining orders filed in regard to these two.

They have had five TROs filed against them in the past five years for this sort of activity.

to The Scoop #648059

Krystal Rose Clemens ran to another state due to so many clients trying to sue her for damages and theft. If you look her up on the California Bar website for attorney search you will find out a lot of the BS is true.

to The Scoop Perris, California, United States #834192

Funny this initial complaint was filed in 2008 when the two people she is claiming to have posted this did not know her or anything about her at that time. They only became involved with Krystal in 2011 until she moved out of state due to several pissed clients and pending lawsuits.

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