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I am a Single "Dad" who is also getting ripped off due to incompitent lawer who claim's to be on the side of the "DAD".I requested a few things from them and wound up paying for nothing. "DADS" please be aware and get a more honest attorney.My case should have been resolved a long time ago being that I am the "Biologica Dad" but they cannot seem to close it.

They are nothing but legalized *** artist riding on an issue that changes the "American" life style.If we the Dads are together ,please send complaint's also to the "Bar"association as something has to be done and get Krystal and gang out!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #591151

This is an Attack complaint by someone who has never done business with Dad'slaw. They do not use their real names and their attempt to harm Dad'slaw is related to a scam they tried to run on Krystal to obtain a dog without paying for it.

They make a habit out of this behavior and are currently the subjects of five restraining orders for similar activity they have engaged in over the past five years.

How many of you get a restraining order filed on you every year? If you think it is a valid complaint you can certainly check with the california state bar assn.

Cedar Crest, New Mexico, United States #207343

Dear Lanaki,

If this is your first child please be aware that in most cases they are 100% your soul responsibility until they are the legal age of 18. ANY case regarding a child will remain open depending on how much the two parties would like to fight with each other...

Now with this said, a case can not be closed over night, cases are constantly being reopened due to changes in both parties lives, occurrences and emergency's...

I am sorry that you feel that nothing went right with your case, but you also have to take into effect ALL the facts of ones life as well as the other parties. Attorneys are not the ones who make the choice of what gets said in the judgment, the judge is. Attorneys are only there to present the facts with a legal background and understanding, not make the facts up.

Being the "Biological Dad" makes you souly responsible for the child's life until the age of 18. and even still, sometimes the cases last even longer past the child's age of 18. As i stated above, it just all depends on how much the two parties want to fight...

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